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Where do I start when decorating my home?

You've made up your mind. You know the time has come, and you're ready for a change. In your mind, you're ready to take the plunge...then all of a sudden the sea of doubt begins to take you under. The thoughts flood in and you find yourself plunging into the deep waters of questions - "What's my style?" "What are the current trends?" "How do I bring it all together?" "Where in the world do I even begin?"

More often than not, that's exactly what happens to so many people when they decide they're ready to make changes in their Home whether it's to bring things up to date, redefine their style or take on a complete remodel. If these questions have haunted you, first, understand that you're not the first or last person on this beautiful planet to not have all the answers all at once. Second, take a deep breath, step back from it all and ask yourself one single question before going any further, "what inspires me the most?"

Inspiration is something that I encourage everyone to start with. It can come from anything, anyone or anywhere. The hardest part about finding what inspires you is taking the time to look at things with a different perspective. For example: I have a particular set of forks that belonged to my great, great grandmother. For quite a while, I kept them in a drawer because I didn't know what to do with them, but I did know that my family would most likely never use them as they were originally intended. John and I both loved the fact that they had been in my family for as long as they had been, and I needed to figure out what to do with them. The more I looked at them the more I fell in love with their color, their unique shape and size, and I soon realized that in and of themselves they were pieces of art. My view of them changed from the mere fact that they were forks to the fact that they were beautiful, unique, conversational pieces that were full of potential to be used as decor, and I needed to figure out a way to show them off. I found a small vase to put them in and they now sit out as part of a display in my kitchen. My original plan wasn't to have them out as an accent piece, but when I began looking at them with a different perspective, I was inspired to use them in a whole new way. These forks weren't able to shine when they were hidden away in a drawer. Let that soak in a minute...that's preaching material right there!

That simple example of mine is geared more for when you're talking about actual home decor. When it comes to trying to choose the right paint colors or hone in on your actual style, think about the type of tone you'd like to set for your home. Think about whether you like your home to feel lighter and brighter or darker and warmer. If you like a little of both, you can always choose lighter colors on your walls to make your space feel bigger and more open and use the texture and style of furniture, pillows and throws to bring in the warmth. Your choice of wall art and decorative accent pieces are really the things that help to bring everything together.

Decorating your home can seem daunting no doubt. You may even feel at times like your home is screaming for help which can seem to deafen you to the point where you eventually stop hearing it's plea. Don't ever allow your "not being sure where to start" thoughts to overtake your desire to make a change in your Home. Start with simply finding inspiration in something and allow that to lead you in creating the perfect space for you and your loved ones. If you ever find yourself stumped and still not sure what to do, we're always here to help you so never be afraid to ask. Like you've heard us say many times now...we love what we do and all things Home. We want you to love the place where you live because Home is a beautiful place to be! #hartlandhome #hartlandhomeblog #beinspired #longviewtexas

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