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There's more than one way...

We've all been there. You've been out shopping and found something beautiful for your home, so you put it in your shopping bag or carry it throughout the store as you continue to browse. As you get closer and closer to the checkout counter, your thoughts begin the ping-pong action in your head - "Do I really need this?" "It's pretty, but what am I going to use it for?" "Where am I going to put it?" - so on and so on. During the "Battle of the Thoughts", you eventually forfeit and begin your treacherous walk back to return the item to its place on the shelf followed by your dreadful walk of shame out of the store with nothing to show for your 2 hours of time spent shopping (OR, you tuck it away real quick on a shelf where it doesn't belong and get in your car where you throw yourself a pitty-party because that really was something you loved! You just simply didn't know how to use it.)

Since that is a scenario most of us are all too familiar with, I decided to give you a quick example of how to use something beautiful in more than just one way. I hope to encourage you to think outside of the box when you make purchases for your home and to look at something for more than simply what it appears to be. Just changing the way you use something can give your space a whole new look! Take a glance around your home for one of your favorite decor pieces. Once you find that one thing, think about how you're using it now and by the end of this post, I want you to have a whole new idea for how to use it next!

I put this challenge to the test myself with one of my favorite things from Hartland Home...the Sapphire Bowl. Just the name alone, before even seeing the actual product, indicates that what I'm about to show you is some sort of a bowl. Right? Ding, Ding, Ding! You're correct. Using this as a bowl/serving dish was the first thing I did. I really wanted it to make a statement, so I filled it with small oranges which contrasted beautifully against the color of the bowl. It can be set out on a kitchen countertop or island, and it adds a pop of color. (Insert emoji with heart eyes!)

Now, for the challenge of using it for something other than the "bowl" that it is, I thought about things that I love to bring into my home. One of those loves is what I have right outside in my very own yard. I'm a sucker for the sea of green that billows beyond my porch. Ok, well, maybe it doesn't quite "billow", but I like to think of it like that! I'm always looking for ways to bring something from the outdoors into my home. So, my second use for this particular piece is using it as a vase/pot to hold fresh, green beauties from my yard.

The step-by-step process for how I got my finished product is below...

Here's what the inside of this beautiful bowl (now pot) looks like. It's large on the inside, so for this particular project, we're not going to fill the entire base of the pot with water for plants.

Inside the pot, I placed a smaller glass vase that I already had and filled it about 1/4 - 1/2 of the way full. Having this in the center keeps everything neatly together and also cuts down on how much you'll need to make your arrangement look full.

Next is as simple as a walk in the park or a walk in your yard. Take some pruning sheers with you and cut several stems off from your favorite tree, bush, or other type plant. Mine were all clipped from the same bush because I loved the different shades of green and yellow this single plant provided. For this pot, my clippings were about 11" to start with. You can always cut them down when you start putting them in place. *I ended up cutting mine down to about 8-9".

Trim them to your desired length and remove any bad leaves, as well as, the ones lower on the stem that will not be seen. You only need to have the stem in the water. Lastly, place them in the smaller vase, in the center of the pot. Depending on the color variations of your stems, be sure to spread them out so that the colors are distributed evenly. You can change the stems out based on what you have blooming in your yard at that time, and you'll always have something beautiful on display.

Once that's all done, find a dinner table, side table, bookshelf, or countertop that needs a little something special and let it speak for itself! The next time you're at war with your thoughts over something beautiful for your home I encourage you to think outside of the box. Think about the versatility of that one thing alone and how it can be used in different areas of your home. See that piece for more than what the label says it is!

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