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Step by Step

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

I'm a dreamer. A huge dreamer at that. Alright, alright, maybe a gigantic dreamer who thinks anything is possible and will go pretty far to make it happen. I'm someone who's not afraid to dream big, and I'm sure there have been people in my life who have thought I was crazy after hearing my dream or vision for something. I've often laid awake at night because of my mind soaring with ideas and thoughts of what I could do or how I could make that something happen. When my thoughts and dreams began to form for what I wanted my dream job to be, they got real big real fast. Ideas poured in and I seemed to get inspiration from nearly everything I saw or heard. As time progressed and my vision grew, all I could think about was the big picture and couldn't seem to figure out how to make this particular dream happen. Since I was envisioning something I was passionate about and already loved so much, I was scared about making mistakes or not doing things the right way, so I stayed in a state of fear for a few years. I had a dream that I wanted to see become reality, but I was paralyzed by not knowing the proper "how-to's". I didn't have the "proper" education, degree, or experience to know where to begin, nor did my husband. My mind became a battlefield...dreams vs. my actual reality at the time. At that point, I was allowing my reality to take the lead in that battle.

Fast forward a couple of years, imagine the sound a VCR makes (used to make) when hitting the fast forward button, to when I finally had to choose what I was going to do. Was I really going to sit there and allow my dreams to fade away and allow the "but I don't know where to start" mentality to win? After, a lot of prayer and seeking God's will, I felt like I knew what I had to do, and I did it. I MADE THE CHOICE to pursue my dreams. The seeds of "being a doer" and of "love for the Home" that had been planted during my childhood years by amazing women in my life, were planted for a reason, and it was time to put some water on them and let them grow to their fullest potential. The fact that I didn't have a business or design degree didn't bother me anymore because I was willing to do the research, make the phone calls, and seek advice from wise business men and women to figure out what had to be done to make things happen. I had to take a step back, knowing what my huge dreams were, and figure out what to do in the here and now to make those massive dreams a reality. Encouragement from friends and family poured in giving me strength to continue my pursuit. I continuously sought after God's will, and He in turn continued to direct me and open doors I couldn't have opened on my own.

When we officially launched Hartland Home in March of this year, things began to unfold that had not been part of MY original plan but were things that had to happen before the next door could open or the next step could be made. Launching first with the online store was not how I had planned to start things, but now, I'm so grateful we did. Everything has fallen into place and continues to do so in the not so conventional way most businesses begin, especially in our field. But, from day one of the business, John and I knew we wanted things to be different than what people were used to seeing. We wanted to offer different types of products & services (from home decor to teaching and inspiring), personal touches and meaningful messages. We wanted people to know this wasn't just a job for us to do but a passion we were pursuing, and that's exactly what's happening. My gigantic dreams are becoming reality one step at a time, and I couldn't be more grateful! My encouragement to you as you read this is to dream big, really big. To fulfill those dreams, you'll have to take many steps along the way. You can't run a marathon before you learn to walk. Walk out your dreams step by step being grateful and learning something new every step of the way. One question for you...Will you CHOOSE to take a step today? #hartlandhome #homedecor #longviewtx #stepbystep #dreambig #easttexas #beencouraged #seekHiswill

One of our "steps". We now have some of our decor in a local, small store space.

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