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Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

I know, I know, you may be wondering if I was taught anything about oxymorons in school because by reading the title alone it may seem as if I skipped that day of English class. I may not remember the exact day, grade, teacher, or school when and where I learned about such a thing, but I do know it was something I heard about at some point in my school days. Today, for a few minutes, we're going to ignore the fact that this title seemingly contradicts itself because you will shortly understand what I mean by it and it will all make sense. This short, 2-word phrase is one that came to my mind a while back to help me describe a lot of the things that John and I like including how we view many different parts of our home.

A little history for you on where our love, as a couple, began for the Home...In January of 2007, we began renovations on what would be our first home after we married in August of that same year. It was a white, pier and beam house, built in the 30's, sat on nearly an acre lot and backed up to a beautiful cow pasture. We did much of the work ourselves, alongside the owner, in exchange for a lower rent payment. For a soon-to-be newly married couple, that was a huge blessing and one that planted a seed that we didn't quite know at the time was being planted. I already had a love for home decor and design but being able to choose paint, flooring, light fixtures, and more was like wallpaper on a wall...my home phrase analogy equivalent to "like icing on a cake." We worked hard and by the time August 10th came around, we were finished and ready to spend our first couple of years in that quaint little house. That little old house became a Home and little seed began sprouting some deeper roots.

During the last 8 years, home trends have changed and my decorating has changed as I've learned more about design and its process, placement of furniture and accessories, heights of draperies and wall decor, plus certain do's and don't's for specific styles and what not. I can say though that one thing hasn't changed and it's that John and I have kept constant in staying true to having our home full of things that we love and have meaning to us. Many may look at our home and see accent pieces that are older or slightly worn and weathered, but what they don't know is that everything has a story and holds a meaning in our heart. All anyone has to do is make one small comment to John or ask what something is, and they'll get the entire rundown from him which may then turn into a tour throughout the house of who's it was, where it came from and what it means. No one would have ever guessed they were getting free admission to a locally owned, family museum with a tour guide included in the deal!! I love it though, and I love even more that our kids are hearing those stories and can share some of them on their own. Some eyes may look and see imperfections in our Home, but what our eyes see is that for us it's Perfectly Imperfect. We're okay with finding beauty in things that are imperfect to most eyes. We're okay with mixing new and old accents to create what's perfect for us. I love the challenge of bringing in our beautiful Hartland Home retail decor so that it's paired with our established pieces to create a fresh look. What I love most is that the house we live in is a Home that has a story. It's Perfectly Imperfect for our family.

We found 2 of these after moving into our current home. It's our first home to buy, where our kids are growing up and where many memories have been made. I loved its shape and the weathered black iron and had to put it to good use. Both now hang in our guest bathroom.

The pictures above are examples of how to use things you already have in your home with things that are new. The blending of these together creates the look and feel you want and allows your Home to share your story. (Featured products: Tyler Bottle Vases, Dark. Blue Agate Slice, Gold Flower Accent, Silver Hammered Vessel, Silver Starfish)

I want you to take away from this post that it's up to you to create a story for your Home to tell. Wether you love all things new and shiny, all things old and worn, or a mix of the two, bring those pieces into your home in a way that's Perfect for you and your family! #hartlandhome #homedecor #longviewtx #interiordesignanddecor #perfectlyimperfect #homeisabeautifulplacetobe

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