• Brittany DeHart

Home is ______ (You fill in the blank)

The last few months have been deep for us. Not as in we're drowning in the deep end unable to see above the water, rather as in digging deep into what Hartland Home is really about and figuring out a way to get that message across to EVERYONE!

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted our business to stand out in a way that was different from others in our industry. I wanted to offer different home decor than what is seen in most stores in our area. I wanted to spend more time at Home Decor Markets really honing in on pieces that had a message or that were unique compared to other things we typically see. I knew that I wanted to intentionally carry a limited quantity of each piece so that they would be something truly special in the homes they made their debut in and would really shine! Most of all though, I wanted people to understand that behind the beautiful decor that would fill their house, was a story they had worth sharing. My deepest desire for those who would come in contact with our business was for them to understand that "home is a beautiful place to be" wherever or with whomever that was. Over the summer months, that phrase kept coming back to me. Those few words summed up everything that anyone could mean when they thought about what Home meant to them. That phrase alone could relate to anyone. That phrase alone would mean something different to everyone. That phrase alone was what exactly what I needed to share with people to help them get what we're all about. I decided to incorporate that phrase in our very first t-shirt design so that whoever was to purchase a shirt would be reminded of what their meaning of "Home" was every time they wore it. I wanted it to catch people's attention and give the person wearing it an open door to share their story when asked, "what does that even mean?" The Hartland Home family chose different people to share with us their interpretation of "Home," and they jumped right on board without a second of hesitation. Each and every interview, photoshoot, and video thus far has been different proving to us that everyone has their own meaning for what "Home" is. The response from this launch has been mind-blowing, emotional, and absolutely beautiful! This has given us the opportunity to capture pure joy and laughter, moments of peace and taking a few seconds to just be still, unforgettable images of family time with children and loved ones, and sheer gratefulness for their many blessings. We've cried. We've laughed. We've paused. We've opened the door for them to tell us their story, and we've sat back and listened. The best part has been seeing that each and every moment has been different yet the same in that it's summed up in the meaning of "Home" and that's only Part 1.

Check out Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCAMOfAsXFQ&t=1s. Part 2 is currently in the making.

Ultimately, this entire process, every second of it, can be stripped down to one phrase..."Home is a beautiful place to be." Now, we challenge you... Home is _________ - fill in the blank with YOUR meaning, YOUR beautiful place, and where that is and/or who that's with. Think about it. We'd love to see you wear the shirt and hear your story! https://www.hartlandhome.net/shop #hartlandhome #beautiful #love #shareyourstory

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